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Ways to Support our Program

Buy our products

Elpis is funded by the sale of our products and services.  Please take a look at the products made by youth in our programs.  Please recommend our products to your local retailer where appropriate.  Send us an email if you have the perfect place for our products and we will follow up.

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Book a Group Workshop

Elpis has designed an experiential workshop that allows youth and adults of any level of experience to successfully build many of the products that are listed on our web site. All kits are precut and the assembly process uses our unique jig system that insures all products are completed with a high degree of consistency. Please contact our office by phone or email to receive more details.

Help Us Locate Materials

For all our products listed on the web site, we use only reclaimed and recycled fencing. We work with several fence contractors that recycle old tear out fences and shop cut offs through our program. If you have access to cedar wood that can be recycled or contacts with a fence contractor that our program can benefit from, please contact our office. We use other types of recycled wood for many other projects, jigs, shop enhancement, etc. . If you have wood that you think would be of use to us, please contact us.